Friday, May 29, 2009


If there is a vegetable that's celebrated in Southern India in summer it has be Mango, be it in vegetable form orfruit, Mango is eaten and relished through out the season in various form dal,mango rice, famous mango pickles, mango rasam, mango everything.Its amazing how many varites are created without repeatation and trust me at the end of theseason you would still be hungry for more.Raw Mangoes found in US do not have the same level of tartness as in India, they tend to be more on the sweeter side hence you don't get the same taste back home but with subtle modifications to orginal mom's recipe it comes close in taste.Mango and coconut compliment each others flavors, Mango's tartness and coconut's sweetness balance each other and hence the end result is yummy concoction of flavors.Simple yet delicious.

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