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Growing up as Southern Bella, coconut is something that is used on a daily basis, be it in chutneys,stews or rice items it's a qunitessencial ingriedent for daily cooking, the easy with which coconut meat is scrapped and how quickly it was turned into a mouth watering concostion is quite a wonderful thing.Well on the other side of the world where I currently live getting fresh coconut is a matter of luck.Groceries stores here carry coconuts that are like years old. With many coconuts gone bad learnt to use alernatvies like coconut cream,cocnut milk found in Asian/Chinese stores. Well must say it comes close to tasting like fresh coconut.Today receipe is cocnut stew eaten with rice, quick and delicious to eat.Ingredients1 small coconut cream can or 1 cup of grated coconut2 tb Sesame seeds3-4 garlic podstamrind size of 2 quaters, add water and sqeeze the pulp to make it about 2 cupsa pinch Turmeric1 tbsp sugar

Red Bell Pepper & Tomato Chutney
Happy Earth day everyone,with all the awareness and alternatives around being green hope we make sound choices and help preserve our natural resources and be environmentally responsible.

Spring break just got over and boy it was beautiful weather in Bay area sunny and bright.Had a cousin of mine visiting from NJ,it was great catching up with her and her family after along time, enjoyed long chats and drives with her, as you can imagine the amount of topics and talking that went on was endless, there were quite a few recipe exchanges that took place and today's recipe is one of them though I kicked it up notch.Ingredients1 Large red bell pepper2 medium size Tomatoes2-3 cloves of garlic1 small piece of ginger1-2 Green chiliescup of coriander ( adjust according to liking)1tbsp of Tamarind pastetbsp haldiSalt according to tastepinch of sugar/small piece of jaggeryDry Ingredients to be ground into fine powder1 tbsp Channa dal1 tbsp urad dal1 tbsp jeera1 tbsp dhania1 tbsp Sesame seeds ( White or Black)1/2 tbsp methi seeds1-2 red Chilies depending on spicy levelProcess1. pre heat oven to 425 degrees2. Once oven is ready place red bell pepper and tomatoes on a baking sheet and broilfor 3- 40 minutes until skin turns to char. Alternatively you can roast it on the fire/grill.3. Roast all the dry ingredients until they release their aroma.4. grind the dry ingredients into a fine powder keep aside.5. Remove charred skin from red Bell pepper and tomatoes.6. grind grilled red pepper,tomatoes,garlic,ginger, green chilles,coriander,tamarind paste7. To the ground paste add fried masala powder,salt and haldi and grind once again.


If there is a vegetable that's celebrated in Southern India in summer it has be Mango, be it in vegetable form orfruit, Mango is eaten and relished through out the season in various form dal,mango rice, famous mango pickles, mango rasam, mango everything.Its amazing how many varites are created without repeatation and trust me at the end of theseason you would still be hungry for more.Raw Mangoes found in US do not have the same level of tartness as in India, they tend to be more on the sweeter side hence you don't get the same taste back home but with subtle modifications to orginal mom's recipe it comes close in taste.Mango and coconut compliment each others flavors, Mango's tartness and coconut's sweetness balance each other and hence the end result is yummy concoction of flavors.Simple yet delicious.


Now how does a dessert that takes less then 10 minutes to make but wows everybody sound, well you are in for a treat.Chocolate covered strawberries seem so exotic and pricey in stores, but in reality its one of the easiest desserts to make and it works best when you have to entertain/wow huge number of people. Very less preparation time practically no clean up and so easy even a kid can make it.Made this for a b'day party few weeks ago and boy they were delicious. With Strawberries in season now is the best time to make this, this processes can be extended for Cherries, short bread cookies,banana's well anything that gels with chocolate.make approximately 30-40 Chocolate covered StrawberriesIngredients2 cups of Nestle Toll house chocolate chips ( I use semi sweet chocolate chips since strawberries in season are super sweet)1 1/2 tbsp of Oil1 tbsp of corn syrup (optional)1/2 tbsp butter (optional)

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